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Single cell supervisor (Linx) DNB1101B


The DNB1101 is a single cell supervisor (Linx) IC that provides electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for each individual cell or a group of cells in parallel. The integrated die temperature sensors can be used for cell temperature measurement. Additional thermo-couples/NTCs are no longer required. The DNB1101 measures the cell impedance based on a patented circuit technology, enabling a new approach of indicating the internal cell temperature. It also enables on-line state-of-health estimation, in combination with algorithms running on the pack controller. The IC integrates separate (redundant) ADCs for both voltage and temperature measurement. With a differential daisy chain, the cell measurement information is transmitted to the pack controller. The first IC in the chain translates a standard SPI signal to the daisy chain differential signal.

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Key Features

  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±2 mV

  • Battery cell voltage range: 1.9 - 5.5 V

  • Die temperature sensor accuracy: ±2.5 K

  • Passive balancing with diagnostics

  • Low-ohmic cells EIS (impedance spectroscopy)

  • Daisy chain communication speed: 1 Mbps

  • Temperature range: -40⁰C to 105⁰C


  • On-grid energy storage systems

  • Renewable energy storage systems

  • Telecom base station backup power supplies

  • Data center backup power supplies

Voltage measurement accuracy +/- 2mVCell measurement voltage range 1.9V to 5.5V
The precision of temperature sensor inside the chip is +/- 2.5KDaisy chain communication rate 1Mbps
Operating temperature range -40 degrees to 105 degreesImpedance monitoring frequency range 7.5mHz to 7.8kHz
The maximum balance current is 200mA

Design resources
User guide

1、1LINX_ FPC_ V2.1b user guide.Pdf
2、4LINX_ FR4_ V2.0 user guide.Pdf
3、DNB11xx_ Monitor_ GUI_ (EM) user guide.Pdf
4、 DNB11xx software development manual v1.1.pdf
5、PC_ Board user guide v1.0.pdf



Live broadcast: battery management chip scheme design and precautions

This seminar will introduce the battery management scheme design and precautions of Datang NXP based on single cell:
- This solution can bring customers more accurate temperature and voltage sampling;
- Additional impedance detection function provided to customers to escort the safety of new energy vehicle power battery;
- The battery management chip DNB1168 in this solution, its core components are 100% domestic, the chip is integrated with the ac impedance monitoring of the cell, the chip is integrated with the temperature sensor, and the circuit of the highest safety level ASIL-D.

DNS battery management system scheme -- in-depth application of cell EIS parameters

DNS battery management system scheme -- in-depth application of cell EIS parameters

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