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Datang NXP Semiconductor Co., Ltd., established in March 2014, is jointly funded by Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Automotive Semiconductor Industry Fund and NXP Semiconductor, a world's leading automotive semiconductor supplier. The company focuses on battery management, motor driver and related integrated circuit design of new energy vehicles, focuses on R & D and sales of advanced special automotive electronic chips using high-performance mixed signal technology, and is committed to becoming a leading automotive semiconductor company in the world. Based on advanced design and manufacturing infrastructure, advanced mixed signal technology, zero defect strategy, functional safety expertise and experienced product development team, we have developed lithium-ion battery monitoring chip and invested a lot in the battery management system market. With proprietary technology and knowledge, our vision is to add unique value to customers through market disruptive innovative products, so as to become a leader in the market of electric vehicles and industrial energy storage systems. Datang NXP Semiconductor also has a driver chip product line for automotive lighting applications and is a leader in this segment.


Business Concepts

As a technology company, we want our stakeholders and employees motivated and excited to work for a responsible company and design products that can change the world. Hereby we make below business values. It is our collective responsibility, as an industry, to continue this trend of being proactive as we create value for consumers, the environment, and society as a whole.

Innovation Seek new ways to inprove daily work,take calculated risks while thinking outside the box.

Integrity&Trust Be credible so that others are confident in your Integrity,intent,capabilities,and results.Be truthful.No difference should exist between your intent and behavior.

Commonication Clearly and effectively communicate your purpose, ideas and direct and frank feedback

Accountability Make and follow through on commitments with a high sense of ownership and Integrity.

Collaboration Work towards organizational goals through effective relationships,genuine support and value for other's ideas and expertise,and give credit for team accomplishments.

Execution Drive self and others to consistently produce high quality deliverables to plan.

Datang NXP is a Chinese automotive semiconductor company with a deep shareholder background and a solid platform.We closely follow the national strategy, focus on new energy vehicles and energy storage, develop battery management chips, and make a modest contribution to the localization of core devices.Instead of making me-too products, we focus on innovation and breakthrough, develop IP products with market core competitiveness, and use them to solve the pain points of electric vehicles and create new value growth in the wave of electrification.