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Datang NXP won〖the 2023 Best Power Management Chip Award〗
Nov 02 2023

Datang NXP won〖the 2023 Best Power Management Chip Award〗1.png

On October 30, 2023, the "5th Hard Core Ecological Conference and 2023 Automotive Chip Technology Innovation and Application Forum" and the "2023 Hard Core Core Selection Awards Ceremony" hosted by Xinshiye, co organized by the South China Electronics Exhibition in Munich, and supported by the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen.

The theme of this summit is "Core generates everything, integrates the future", bringing together many leaders in the semiconductor industry chain, focusing on the current development status, opportunities, and innovation of core enterprises, products, and technologies. From a global perspective, we jointly discussed and shared the development trends and keen insights of Chinese chips, highlighting the strong significance of the wind vane.


On the evening of the summit, the highly anticipated 2023 Hard Core Selection Awards Ceremony unveiled the ultimate list. Datang NXP won the "2023 Best Power Management Chip Award" with a strong advantage. Mr. Chen Jian, Deputy General Manager of Datang NXP, was invited to attend the award ceremony and took the stage to receive this heavyweight award.

Product First

Products are the foundation of a company, the cornerstone of its success, and an important factor in promoting its sustainable development. High quality products can meet customer needs, provide excellent user experience, and help enterprises achieve a leading position in market competition.

Datang NXP (DNS) has always adhered to the principle of putting products first and deeply delving into the field of new energy vehicles and energy storage. Its business is positioned in battery management, motor drive, and related integrated circuit design of new energy vehicles, focusing on the research and development and sales of advanced specialized automotive electronic chips using high-performance hybrid signal technology.


In recent years, the company has launched several disruptive battery management chips with excellent performance and novel functions. This year, our customer base has grown rapidly, with a growth rate of over 300% in landing projects. The DNB11 series AFE chips have won the favor of many manufacturers due to their superior performance and unparalleled commercial value. Currently, this series of chips has exceeded tens of millions of orders, including TOP level customers, which are highly praised by customers.

Fine Division

1. DNB1168- Professional application in new energy vehicle BMS system

The honor of being crowned as the "2023 Best Battery Management Chip" is our flagship car grade battery management chip DNB1168, which is an AFE chip designed specifically for new energy vehicle BMS systems.

DNB1168 is a globally leading integrated (EIS) single battery monitoring chip with AC impedance spectrum monitoring function. It has passed the dual certification of AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262:2018 ASIL-D, the highest functional safety level in the automotive industry.


The chip integrates multiple high-precision battery parameter monitoring functions, supporting voltage, temperature, AC impedance detection, balancing, and various fault diagnosis functions. It can provide exclusive online battery "CT" detection technology worth hundreds of thousands of yuan for batteries, providing a new detection dimension for battery management systems, and achieving health monitoring of the entire battery life cycle.


2. DNB1101- Professional application in industrial and commercial energy storage systems

As a single battery monitoring chip with the same integrated (EIS) AC impedance spectrum monitoring function, DNB1101 is specifically designed for industrial and commercial energy storage system applications, providing better hardcore support for BMS security upgrades and functional enhancements.


The chip has passed the vehicle specification level AEC-Q100 certification. The chip comes with built-in temperature detection function, and the number of temperature sensors can reach twice the number of battery cells, achieving a temperature detection coverage of 200% without the need for additional NTC and related peripheral circuits.


The industry-leading AC impedance spectrum detection function makes advanced system security detection possible. The chip supports both on chip and off chip balancing methods, making circuit design more flexible and allowing for greater cost optimization space. The chip has powerful diagnostic capabilities, supporting programmable overvoltage and undervoltage alarms, high and low temperature alarms, and other chip related abnormal alarms. Based on the AC impedance spectrum function, it can even achieve advanced warning of safety risks of thermal runaway, giving the battery ultimate safety performance.


The DNB11 series of chips also have unparalleled commercial value, including offline monitoring of battery cells, management of thermal runaway of battery cells, monitoring of faulty battery cells, rapid estimation of online SOH, relay aging monitoring, battery passport, wireless BMS remote diagnosis, and more.

More Expectations

Datang NXP(DNS) has started the global commercialization process, and its business coverage will be more extensive in the future. We will continue to focus on technological innovation, actively create a rich and diversified enterprise core, and develop more products with market core competitiveness IP; Adhere to creating more innovative, high-quality, and efficient solutions, provide global customers with safer and more advanced extreme chip products, meet their different needs in different scenarios, promote the progress and upgrading of new energy battery technology safety management, and continue to strive for the comprehensive promotion of core device localization!