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Fearless of Summer, Summer Self Driving Safety Core Introduction Battery Safety Management Chapter
麻将胡了, Jul 07 2023

Fearless of Summer, Summer Self Driving Safety Core Introduction  Battery Safety Management Chapter


Summer is coming, have you guys gone out to have a good summer? If a friend chooses a short trip to the suburbs, then I believe that tram self driving is a more cost-effective, green and environmentally friendly way of travel. But many people are worried about hot weather. What if there is a sudden accident or even a fire on the tram? I fully understand this concern, as accidents such as tram fires caused by high temperatures have occurred frequently in recent years.

1.Risk of thermal runaway of electric vehicles

Part of the reason for this is that high-temperature weather can cause an increase in battery temperature in electric vehicles, which in turn affects battery performance and leads to thermal runaway of the battery. As the lifeline of electric vehicles, the performance degradation of the battery, a key component, may lead to a reduction in the maximum range of electric vehicles, a failure of driving speed and power, a longer charging time, and even a series of problems such as battery damage. So, once the battery of an electric vehicle loses control of heat, the risk of fire and explosion will increase accordingly.


2.Datang NXP Solution

Faced with the problem of uncontrollable thermal runaway caused by high-temperature power batteries, how to ensure the personal safety of drivers and passengers, and minimize safety hazards, Datang NXP has provided a Great solution!

Safety guarantee brought by dual temperature detection method

The company's single cell battery management system chip solution DNB1168 brings two temperature detection methods to the battery, one for the internal temperature of the tram and the other for the surface temperature of the tram.

Part 1. How to detect the internal temperature of the battery

There is a strong correlation between the AC internal resistance and temperature of batteries. By calculating the current AC internal resistance value of the battery, the true temperature inside the battery can be easily estimated, which is a simple, fast, and accurate method for monitoring the internal temperature of the battery.

Part 2. How to detect the surface temperature of batteries

The temperature sensor integrated inside the chip can be used to detect the surface temperature of the battery, replacing the traditional thermocouple NTC method and covering more temperature detection points.


The perfect combination of these two detection methods greatly improves the safety threshold of power batteries, prolongs their service life, and nips the hidden danger of thermal runaway in the bud.