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DNB series AFE is equipped with New National Standard and New European Law!
麻将胡了, Jun 29 2023

DNB series AFE is equipped with New National Standard and New European Law!

New National Standard:On March 17, 2023, GB/T 34131-2023 "Battery Management System for Electric Energy Storage" (hereinafter referred to as the "New National Standard") was officially released. The new national standard will replace the GB/T 34131-2017 "Technical Specification for Lithium ion Battery Management Systems for Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Stations" (hereinafter referred to as "the old national standard"). Compared with the old national standard, the new national standard has stricter technical requirements and will be fully implemented from October 1st this year.


New European Law:Looking at the international situation, on June 14th, the European Parliament passed an agreement on the New Battery Law, which aims to improve and comprehensively reform the relevant provisions on the management of batteries and waste batteries in the EU. This regulation is also known as the "EU New Battery Law" (hereinafter referred to as the "New European Law"). According to the legislative process, this regulation needs to be approved by the European Council and published in the official EU announcement. The regulation will take effect within the next 20 days. Once the EU New Battery Law comes into effect, battery manufacturers, including Chinese battery companies, will face stricter environmental and due diligence requirements if they want to sell batteries in the European market.


So the question arises, whether the BMS AFE chips currently on the market can meet both the requirements of the new national standard and the requirements of the new European law? Datang Enzhipu DNB series AFE chips are compatible with both, with some parameters far ahead! Help customers conquer the global market!


1. DNB series AFE is far ahead of the new national standard


Acquisition and control are the two core components of BMS, in which the AFE chip is of utmost importance, directly determining the quality of the entire BMS system solution. When choosing AFE, the first concern must be the acquisition accuracy. Compared to the old national standard, the new national standard has more clear regulations on details, such as the collection accuracy of various battery parameters in BMS, specific requirements for different voltage battery cells and clusters (voltage, temperature), sampling period, and functional safety requirements. The comparison between the new and old national standards and DNB is shown in the following figure:


From the comparison table of the three, it can be intuitively seen that the acquisition error, sampling period, and other performance indicators of Datang NXP DNB series AFE chips far exceed the requirements of the new national standard! Especially with a voltage acquisition accuracy of ± 0.002V, China's "core" is far ahead!


2. DNB series AFE perfectly adapts to the New European Law

According to the new European law, starting from the relevant time point, new power batteries and industrial batteries in the future must have a carbon footprint declaration and label, as well as a digital battery passport, in order to enter the EU market. Relevant requirements have been set for the recycling ratio of important raw materials for batteries. This regulation is seen by the industry as a "green trade barrier" for new batteries entering the EU market in the future. This also means that the EU has raised the threshold for Chinese battery products to enter the EU market.


The DNB series of battery management chips under Datang NXP belongs to the single cell lithium-ion battery monitoring chip, which is the only one in China that can provide a single cell architecture. In the battery production stage, it can meet the requirements of embedding a single AFE chip into a single battery, recording a series of battery related parameters and unique information such as battery chemical composition and manufacturing information, Realize health management (including voltage, temperature) and carbon footprint tracking throughout the entire battery life cycle, and be able to detect and record battery characteristics through unique electrochemical impedance spectroscopy detection technology.

3. Unique EIS monitoring function ensures system security


DNB series products, which integrate online EIS impedance monitoring function, can provide functions such as offline testing of battery cells, thermal runaway management of battery cells, fault cell detection, online SOH detection of battery cells throughout their entire life cycle, relay aging monitoring, and battery passport for batteries. Successfully integrated an electrochemical workstation with an average selling price of 300000 yuan onto a chip only half the size of a nail cap, efficiently achieving EIS online monitoring of the product throughout its entire lifecycle, adding an important detection dimension to the current battery management system.