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ASIL-D Certified Datang NXP DNB1168 Contributes to China-Made Automotive Grade BMS Chips
麻将胡了, Apr 13 2022

Datang NXP, a leading battery management IC provider in China, today announced that its automotive battery cell monitoring chip DNB1168 was certified by ISO 26262: 2018 ASIL-D to enable new energy automotive OEMs to build safer and efficient battery management system. Certified by ASIL-D, the industry’s most stringent function safety standard, Datang DNB1168 not only achieves world-leading safety level, but also fully meets the strictest development requirements of the industry for function safety scenarios.


In recent years, driven by the four new modernization initiatives, production of new energy vehicles increases rapidly. As a result, the demand for power battery that constitutes a key component of new energy vehicle also grows continuously and provides a major driving force to grow Lithium battery industry. However, for power battery cells are manufactured with a range of distinctively different production processes, lifespan and safety of battery bank can be seriously threatened, requiring BMS system that manages battery and improves new energy vehicle’s safety.

DNB1168 is a management chip for single cell battery, capable of testing the electrochemical impedance spectrum of a single cell or paralleled battery bank. The built-in chip temperature sensor can be used to test cell temperature, without requiring external thermocouple NTC for temperature monitoring. In addition, DNB1168 can directly monitor cell internal impedance with specially-designed circuit technology, providing a completely new approach to assess cell’s internal temperature.

For example, to address the challenging thermal runaway of power battery, DNB1168 solution leverages AC impedance monitoring function to quickly detect thermal runaway. Comparing to traditional NTC (thermocouple), AC impedance monitoring function enables response in seconds and significantly improves power battery’s safety threshold and lifespan.

With powerful technical support, DNB1168 is able to provide battery management system with insight about battery’s internal state and provides ultimate battery safety, performance and value.


Mr. Chen Jian, market director of Datang NXP said, “the proliferation of new energy vehicles relies on battery safety. In recent years, though new energy vehicles are being adopted at accelerated pace, accidents due to battery reasons often happen, BMS system must play a critical role. Since its inception, Datang NXP has been focusing on designing power management chips for new energy vehicles and industrial energy storage and committed itself to bringing matured battery safety technology to customers through high-performance BMS chip. Moreover, various disciplines of BMS system are barricaded by high entry barriers and before DNB1168 was released, most BMS chips had to be imported. Under this background, certified by ASIL-D standard, DNB1168 provides highly safe automotive grade BMS chip while demonstrating the world-leading performance of chips from Datang NXP. This can be a milestone for China’s BMS chip industry.”