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How can a small chip escort the new energy reform?
麻将胡了, Jan 17 2022

Since the first bonfire was lit, the pace of human exploration of new energy has never stopped. After several significant energy revolutions, human society has already undergone profound and comprehensive changes, but therefore, the earth's resources and environment have inevitably been destroyed.

Climate change is a major challenge faced by all mankind. Now, under the goal of "double carbon", energy transformation is the general trend, and clean energy is bound to replace traditional fossil energy on the historical stage. The blooming and tens of kilometers of photovoltaic power stations are also silently announcing that the prelude to a new energy revolution has been slowly launched.

The solar radiant energy reaching the earth's surface every year is equivalent to 10000 times the total energy consumed in the world every year. How can we turn a blind eye to such a gift? And the clean, harmless and inexhaustible characteristics of solar energy make it the only choice to replace traditional energy and promote the whole process of human electrification.However, the output power of photovoltaic power supply will change with the light intensity and ambient temperature, day and night, cold and summer... All these normal natural changes will affect the working stability of photovoltaic power generation system. The increasing improvement of new energy storage technology can effectively solve the intermittent and fluctuation defects of photovoltaic power generation system and promote the consumption of new energy. As one of the most excellent energy storage technologies, lithium-ion battery energy storage is naturally widely used in photovoltaic energy storage systems.


Lithium ion batteries are recognized as ideal industrial energy storage equipment because of their excellent characteristics such as "high energy density", "long service life" and "supporting rapid charge and discharge". However, lithium ion batteries have always been known for their "hot temper". Overcharge, overheating, short circuit and other factors may cause potential safety hazards, The single cell battery management system chip scheme DNB1101A launched by Datang NXP integrates the functions of power control, detection, distribution and data acquisition, supports battery over temperature, low temperature and other chip related abnormal alarms, and can minimize the safety hidden dangers of industrial energy storage equipment. DNB1101A abandons the traditional NTC (thermocouple) temperature monitoring method and adopts electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) monitoring, which can provide a new dimension of battery internal depth information for the battery management system, realize the process monitoring of the whole life cycle of the battery, and help the lithium-ion battery "prolong life", It also provides a solid security guarantee for the smooth integration of clean power into the power grid.

High cost is still a mountain on the development path of photovoltaic industry, and the cost reduction of photovoltaic + energy storage system equipment depends on the innovation and breakthrough of key technologies. DNB1101A adopts subversive design, uses built-in temperature sensor, and does not need NTC and other peripheral circuits. While reducing the use of peripheral devices, it greatly improves the system integration. The DNB1101A scheme supports online reading of the aging state of the cell, which saves manpower and the cost of the recovery process. The two pronged approach has effectively realized cost reduction and efficiency increase, and injected a strong "core" agent into the photovoltaic + energy storage industry.


Although the ideal blueprint of carbon neutralization has been launched, the transformation of energy structure is not achieved overnight, which requires the joint efforts of all parties upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The road is blocked and long, but the line is coming! At present, the development of photovoltaic power generation has started a prairie fire. There is no doubt that we are once again standing at a turning point in history. Datang NXP will follow the pulse of the times, give full play to its technical advantages, spare no effort to guide industrial upgrading, promote the transformation of energy system, and contribute to the cause of new energy.