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Datang NXP launches battery management chip with impedance monitoring function
麻将胡了, Dec 21 2021

China's leading battery management IC supplier Datang NXP announced the launch of a new battery management chip - DNB1101A. The chip is specially designed for industrial energy storage system applications. It is internally integrated with a variety of battery parameter monitoring, which can provide in-depth information on the internal state of the battery for the battery management system and bring extreme battery safety, performance and value. DNB1101A has passed the performance verification and reliability certification, achieved mass production, and has been applied in several industrial energy storage systems.


DNB1101A provides a variety of sensing functions for each individual cell or a group of cells in parallel, including voltage monitoring Temperature monitoring and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) monitoring. Through the differential daisy chain, the battery parameter information is transmitted to the battery pack controller. The first chip in the chain converts the standard SPI signal into the daisy chain differential signal and vice versa. The chip supports the ring communication architecture.

The temperature sensor integrated on DNB1101A chip can be used for cell temperature measurement. In this way, the external thermistor and its periphery are no longer needed, which is conducive to optimizing the system BOM, and each logic cell is covered with temperature monitoring, which is conducive to better temperature consistency in the battery pack.

DNB1101A is based on patented circuit technology, The electrochemical impedance spectrum of the battery can be measured online in a wide frequency range (EIS). The EIS data of the battery can be further transformed into in-depth information of the internal state of the battery, such as overheating risk, lithium precipitation degree, aging degree, etc. DNB1101A integrates the EIS function on the chip to realize online EIS monitoring, which provides a new dimension of information for the battery system and greatly enables the battery management system to realize battery safety prediction, thermal runaway warning Aging state measurement and other applications bring extreme battery safety, performance and value.

DNB1101A provides internal equalization and external equalization. External equalization and EIS monitoring share a set of peripherals, and internal equalization does not require peripheral circuits. DNB1101A integrates rich diagnostic functions and supports battery overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature and low temperature alarms, as well as chip related abnormal alarms.


DNB1101A system application block diagram

Dr. Liu Tao, CEO of Datang NXP semiconductor, said: since its birth, Datang NXP semiconductor has been the halo of two major shareholders of Datang and NXP, but few people really understand that this joint venture has faced multiple challenges from capital, technology and talents on the road of independent research and development of battery management chips. Fortunately, in the past few years, our team insisted on independent research and development, conquered several difficult core IP every year, and finally realized the mass production of the first generation of battery management chip products with integrated EIS function in 2021, and achieved important breakthroughs in the market. In the next few years, our team will continue to output new product iterations, enrich product families and applications, and continue to create value for customers and new energy ecology.