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New Generation Information Technology Expo, Datang NXP Semiconductors show \"China Chip\"
Nov 20 2017

From November 17th to 18th, "2017 Nantong New Generation Information Technology Expo" was opened in Nantong. The theme of the expo is "Connecting the river and the Sea with wisdom and reaching the world", which comprehensively displays the new generation of information technology innovation achievements represented by chips and artificial intelligence. Datang Telecom's Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) made its debut, showcased its independently developed and innovative automotive semiconductor products.

As China's first auto semiconductor company, DNS conveniently born in 2014, following two big shareholder datang telecom and resource advantage of pu and precise positioning target market, based on independent research and development, the implementation of cross-border resources integration, committed to the development of high-performance automotive semiconductor products and become the world's leading semiconductor companies.


At the expo, DNS displayed three of its products. Headlight regulator chip has a leading market share in the world and is used to control the horizontal adjustment of the headlight beam of passenger cars. Door drive chip is the first product with independent intellectual property rights introduced in China, which meets the standard certification of the automobile industry and meets the requirements of THE AUTOMOBILE industry AEC-Q100 standard. It can be combined with other chips for the automobile fan motor, water pump, windshield wiper, power conversion, body electronic motor control, etc. In addition, DNS is actively promoting the industrialization of its core product, battery management monitoring chip, which is the industry's leading single cell monitoring chip for lithium ion batteries based on electrochemical impedance spectrum monitoring technology. Different from the traditional battery monitoring chip, the chip innovatively integrates voltage, impedance and temperature monitoring functions, thus realizing the perfect combination of electronic technology and electrochemical technology. It can be widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage systems, energy secondary utilization and other fields.


DNS unique product features have also won the attention of leading experts at the meeting. Li Deyi, academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, visited the booth of DNS, focusing on the product characteristics and technical characteristics of the battery monitoring chip under development for new energy vehicles, and praised the company's independent research and development of China Chip.


Li Deyi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, visited the booth of DNS