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The first car front mounted \"China Core\" was presented at IC China2015
Nov 19 2015

Shanghai, China, November 11, 2015 -- China's first self-developed door driver chip that meets the automotive industry standard certification was officially unveiled at IC China2015. This is China's first automobile front-mounted chip independently developed by DTW Semiconductor Co., LTD. (DTW), a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as DTW).

This self-developed door driver chip, half-bridge door driver chip, can provide two high power MOSFETs (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) driver. Because in the field of automotive electronics, energy saving and high efficiency has always been the direction of technological development, because MOSFET does not consume energy when it is off, it is widely used in motor control of automotive electronics and other circuits that need to be switched, and with the market demand for new energy vehicles increasing year by year. Generally, the output current or voltage provided by the MCU is insufficient to drive the MOSFET with certain power requirements, so the external door driver chip is required to provide the MOSFET drive, and then drive the motor.


In terms of product characteristics, dunn NXP door driver chip adopts a special process, with high reliability; In product design, highly integrated safety diagnosis module, through the built-in bootstrap diode, can effectively help customers reduce costs; In the application field, the chip can be combined with other chips for the equipment of automobile fan motor, water pump, wiper, power conversion, body electronic motor control, etc.

The market for driver chips in industrial applications is also large, with global sales of driver chips expected to reach $502 million in 2018, according to IHS. While industrial applications have different needs in terms of function and cost from automotive applications, THE door driver chip of Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) addresses both the automotive electronics market and industrial applications.

In addition, based on the strict standard requirements of automotive semiconductor, DNS has also carried out strict certification for its products, which meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry standard AEC-Q100. For a long time, the entry threshold of automotive electronic chips is very high, and international manufacturers have been dominant. As the first automotive semiconductor company in China, DNS has been fully relying on the advantages of its shareholders Datang Telecom and NXP In the Netherlands for more than a year, focusing on the introduction of advanced special-purpose vehicle electronic ICS with high-performance mixed signal technology to support the growing demand for new energy vehicles in China.