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We will foster an innovative model of win-win cooperation and embrace the world
Apr 10 2015

China looks at the world, automotive electronics is an enduring market; And the world is looking at China. Is China ready to make a big splash in this market? China's first automotive semiconductor design joint venture, Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS), was launched a year ago. DDN intelligence group (hereinafter referred to as "DDN Intelligence Group"), occupies the most favorable time, geographical location and people. How to win the market from a global perspective by establishing a new cooperation model? Through the communication with general manager Zhang Penggang, the author has a deeper understanding of its innovation concept and development prospects.


Seize the day:

Datang Telecom Technology Co. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as datang Telecom) holds a slightly higher stake with 51% and NXP Semiconductor Co. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as NXP) with 49%. Under the new market situation, the establishment of joint venture company marks datang Telecom to accelerate the layout of integrated circuit high-end industry chain, formally enter the automotive electronics field, make up for the domestic automotive electronic chip field blank. NXP, on the other hand, can take full advantage of market diversity to make long-term investments in the Chinese market and lead the development of solutions for the automotive industry to upgrade the industry, thus influencing the global market. The joint venture is focused on the huge global ownership of cars, an industry that has continued to grow since the financial crisis. According to the analysis and prediction of IHS report, a total of 87.02 million vehicles were produced globally in 2014, which will increase steadily in the future, as shown in the following figure:


Unit: 10,000 projected global vehicle production

China is the world's largest auto producer, accounting for a quarter of the world's auto production. The automobile consumer market determines that the automobile electronics industry will maintain rapid development for a long time, and China has the largest user group in the world, so the innovation of automobile electronics must take into account the needs of China. The joint venture integrates NXP's expertise with datang telecom's local knowledge to achieve a leading position in China's automotive semiconductor market.

DNS is positioned as a local company to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Whether it is to promote the electrification of modern vehicles or promote the battery management system of new energy vehicles, it will make unremitting efforts to innovate and provide chips and solutions to customers. The first step of the journey has already been taken, and the products of the lamp leveling system transferred from NXP to the joint venture company have begun to be sold. This is a headlight level regulator chip, which can adjust the height of the headlight beam, and the driver can use the potentiometer on the dashboard to adjust the headlight status. The product has the advantages of low positioning poor, low noise sensitivity, low input current, thermal overload protection, and meets the automotive class standards.

Currently, the dc motor drive type is in mass production. In the future, the stepper motor drive type supporting adaptive conditions (AFS) will be developed to further improve the technical level.

Good place:

In order to better serve the Chinese automobile market, after careful consideration, THE headquarters of DUNn NXP is set up in Rudong Economic Development Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, which is located in the east of China, close to Shanghai, is the geographical center of China's important automobile industry circle, so it has a good radiation effect. As a joint venture of well-known Chinese and foreign companies, nantong has won full support from the local government, and will drive the innovation and transformation development of local industries, accelerate the construction of "smart city", and provide strong support for Nantong to build itself into an electronic information industry base with advanced technology in Yangtze River Delta.

Considering the start early in the joint venture company, in order to attract more excellent design and marketing personnel, DNS with design and marketing center in Shanghai, has built excellent products and professional sales and technical team, and with the company's development to provide clients with excellent car integrated circuit products, good technical support and perfect after-sales service. At the same time, listen to the needs of automobile manufacturers, and further improve or define new chips to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, Chinese characteristics will be gradually reflected in the future automotive electronics innovation, the future will also go to the world.

DNS makes full use of NXP's advantages in technology, extensive patent layout and mature technology to enhance its core competitiveness in the field of chip design, especially in the field of modular hybrid circuit design. Product strategy combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market, taking into account the short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, can shorten the automotive electronic chip product development cycle, seize the market opportunity, and then carry out pre-research product expansion according to the market demand, continuous innovation. The first automotive level MOSFET door drive chip engineering sample developed by Donny-Nxp has been fully tested, a series of products are mainly used for motor control and power conversion, automotive electronics is a necessary chip, the main products are subdivided into half bridge drive, full bridge drive and three-phase drive. This series of products have the advantages of ultra-high operating temperature, high reliability, high speed, low system cost, high security and so on. According to Strategic Analytics, demand in this market grew steadily from 1.07 billion yuan to 2.52 billion yuan from 2011 to 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.97%. With the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, the market size of MOSFET driver chip will also be explosive growth, DDON NXP will seize this unique opportunity.

NXP has rich experience in joint ventures in China, including chip design for automotive electronics and wireless mobile phones. NXP has a joint venture wafer manufacturing plant in China, which will facilitate the mass production of ITS products in the future.

Focus on people and people:

DNS has a strong management team, which is jointly composed by DATang Telecom and NXP respectively. The CEO of the joint venture company is appointed by NXP, the CFO is appointed by Datang Telecom, the board of directors and the board of Supervisors are jointly composed by Datang Telecom and NXP respectively.

Paul Zhang, CEO of D&G, is a Chinese national who graduated from Tsinghua University and studied abroad. He holds a master's degree from The University of Calgary in Canada and an EMBA degree from Fordham University in the US. He used to be a senior manager of philips/NXP Semiconductor, and has rich management experience in international multinational enterprises, as well as strong technical background. The CTO is a team of experienced technical experts who have worked at NXP. We provide customers not only chips, but also a full set of solutions, and will work closely with Chinese customers to serve customers with international leading technology, to help cultivate a group of China's future automotive electronics main talent.

New energy vehicles are the inevitable trend of future automotive development, including hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV/SHEV /MHEV), pure electric vehicles (EV/REX) and fuel cell vehicles. China will have a huge new energy vehicle market, while the traditional vehicle (ICE) market share is gradually shrinking, so it needs to cultivate a group of professional and technical personnel to focus on the development of core technologies. The battery management system of new energy vehicles is the core component, which is responsible for real-time monitoring of battery status, efficient utilization of battery energy, prevention of battery overcharge and overdischarge, and extension of battery life. The battery management chip (hereinafter referred to as "BMS chip") is equivalent to the CPU of the battery, which plays a key role in improving the stability and safety of the battery charge and discharge of new energy vehicles. The market of BMS chips is in a stage of steady growth from 2012 to 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 42%, which is estimated to be about 3.14 billion YUAN in 2020. D&g has taken BMS chips as its key product direction. Based on the partial research and development completed by NXP, the Chinese team will further complete the follow-up development work and carry out strategic cooperation with Chinese customers.

In March 2014, datang telecom integration of IC design industry sector belongs to, datang semiconductor design co., LTD., establish centralized management and resource sharing platform for resources integration, will do real and stronger IC design industry, the future will further consider car electronic related resources are Shared, it also extends the space for the development of big Tang Enzhi pu future.

Throughout the automobile industry, 90 percent of the innovation comes from the innovation of automobile electronics. At present, efficient driving, energy saving and emission reduction are the main driving factors of the development trend of automobile technology. By supporting power management and drive as well as new energy related integrated circuit applications in the field of new energy vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, DNXP will enable China to have a greater say in the world's automotive industry!